G3 Digital Cutter | Flatbed Cutter

The Zünd G3 is the best-selling model of Zünd cutters and was developed specifically for 24/7 operation. 11 sizes to choose from to match your needs.

Zünd‘s modular tool and material-handling systems make it easy to tailor your G3 cutting system to specific cutting needs. Define your production requirements, and select the building blocks that will make up the perfect configuration for you. Additions and upgrades are possible any time.

Zund cutters can "kiss cut" surfaces in an automated cutting process using modular cutting systems. Zund's CNC digital cutters provides a working area that is 3 times larger than the regular cutters, allowing printers to cut larger sheets. The upgradability is also one of Zund's most important features, so that you don't need to buy all the tools up front, but rather upgrade according to the job needed.

Zund large format cutters are quiet when compared to other cutters, and this is why they can be placed inside offices and provide 24/7 reliability with low maintenance costs.

The 11 different cutter sizes of the G3 line let you select the perfect machine size for all your production needs – no matter the area of application, product, or whether you produce small runs, large runs, or prototypes. Our digital cutting systems are intelligent, efficient, and ready for the future.


Too big for your application? Perhaps the S3 Digital Cutter is of interest.

Twice the productivity? Perhaps the D3 Digital Cutter is of interest.

  • Integrated Tool Initialisation – A fully automated calibration system for blades, bits and crease wheels saves time and makes the setup process fast and precise. The system eliminates any manual intervention for determining the correct cutting depth.

  • Optimal material hold-down – The material hold-down is based on vacuum. The vacuum area is divided into separate zones and adjustable across the width of the machine. Energy-efficient vacuum generators guarantee reliable hold-down during processing

  • Thick materials – With the Zünd you can process materials up to 4.3 in thick. Zünd G3 cutters are available with a beam height of 1, 2 or 4 inches. Depending on the configuration, up to 110 mm / 4.3 in thick materials may be processed. For you this translates into added flexibility and versatility in meeting your customers’ demands.

  • Intelligent safety features – High safety standards are a primary concern for many of our customers in commerce and industry. The Zünd G3 safety features actively support the operator and interfere only when absolutely necessary.

  • Modular Tool Management – Zünd’s distinctive modular design allows you to configure the required tooling in a few quick, easy steps. The resulting flexibility lets you react instantaneously to changes in production requirements, saving you both time and money.

  • Freely combine up to 3 “hot-pluggable” tool modules on the beam simultaneously

  • Automatic tool recognition allows swapping of different tools on-the-fly, without the need for system recalibration

  • High-resolution ICC camera attaches directly to the carriage system and works interchangeably with all cutting/routing modules and tools