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Marpet-g FS PETg
Marpet-g FS PETg

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The unique combination of exceptional properties that PETg sheets offer enables the formation of endless shapes, making Marpet the perfect choice for print, fabrication, cold bending and thermoforming applications.

PET’s exceptional processing abilities make Marpet-g FS and
Marpet-a FS ideal for the sign and display industry enabling designers to realise more complex shapes, as well as for glazing and protective applications including poster covers and machine guards.

PETg transparent polyester sheets offer high optical clarity and light transmission, good impact resistance, chemical resistance and fire performance.


Within the range, Starleaton stocks a wide choice of thicknesses and sizes.

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PLEASE NOTE: All rigid substrates are marked as BULKY items. Shipping costs vary depending on a variety of factors, from package measurements, shipment type, weight, location, and more. - please contact us for a freight quote. 


The transparent flat sheet range is suitable for a wide range of end uses, including internal and external construction glazing, safety glazing, PPE, fabrication, print and display.


  • POS, 3D displays and graphics arts
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated signage and light boxes
  • Poster covers
  • Home applications e.g Furniture and shower surrounds
  • Protective screens e.g. vending equipment
  • Office partitions
  • Industrial trays
  • Non-food packaging
  • Glazing