Bond Paper Inkjet – 80gsm

Chromajet introduces its premium bond paper, tailored for those who demand perfection in every print. Its versatility is evident, whether you're navigating office tasks, diving into academic projects, or crafting a detailed letter. Specifically optimised for CAD, blueprints and other line drawings, and a range of printing devices, it's the preferred choice for professionals and schools alike.

Available on a 2” core, 3" core, or in sheeted form, this bond paper boasts a brilliant white point, ensuring sharp contrasts and vivid outputs.

From NZ$63.25 Incl GST

Experience the pinnacle of printing with Chromajet Bond Paper, tailored for those who seek excellence in every detail. Supplied either on a 2” core, 3" core or sheeted, this paper boasts a high white point, ensuring vibrant prints every time. Proudly sourced from an FSC certified mill, it's recommended for technical line drawing applications and meets the International Standard ISO9706 for Permanent Papers.

Whether you're navigating professional tasks, academic projects, or intricate sketches, Chromajet stands out as the preferred choice. Its medium weight promises durability without sacrificing comfort, ensuring it remains tear-resistant yet easy to handle. The smooth finish ensures sharp, clear prints, making it perfect for CAD, line drawings, and various printing devices, including inkjet plotters.

Proudly Australian-made and sourced from an FSC certified mill, our bond papers are not only carbon neutral but also uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability. With a brilliant white point, it stands out for its resistance to ink penetration, setting it a class apart from other recycled papers. Given its superior durability and unmatched quality, it's understandable why many opt for bond paper over other alternatives, even at a premium.

Choose Chromajet, the number one choice in paper products, where unparalleled quality meets sustainability.

Supplied on a 2” core or sheeted, IJ Bond features a high white point and sourced from an FSC certified mill. Recommend for technical line drawing applications. International Standard ISO9706 for Permanent Papers. FSC and PEFC certified.

  • 80gsm plotter paper
  • 100% Australian made with a dust free surface.
  • Available in 914, 841, 707, 610, 594 & 420mm wide rolls.
  • Rolls are on 50mm (2inch) cores to suit Wide Format Inkjet Printers including HP, Canon and Epson Models.
  • Rolls are available 50m and 100m lengths. Please check your printers specs.
  • Recommended for B/W CAD printing.
  • This premium reflex copy paper is High White in Colour.
  • Consistent in manufacture to provide optimum smooth surface and maximum ink hold for greater clarity of printed image.
Also available in 150m / 3-inch rolls for PPC Copiers and Printers - here >>
Basis Weight g/m2 ISO 536 70 80 90 100 120
Thickness μms ISO 534 87 99 109 118 140  
CIE Whiteness ISO 11475 145 145 145 145 145  
Opacity % ISO 2471 92 94 94 95 97  
Bendtsen Roughness ml/min ISO8791-2 170 180 180 180 180  
Brightness % D65 GB/T 7974 103 103 103 103 103
Moisture % ISO 287 6 6 6 6 6  

These characteristics are average values supplied for guidance purposes.



  • FSC Certified Mix
  • ISO 14001
  • ECF
  • Optional Caron Neutral