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Immerse yourself in the world of sustainability with our Xanita Board collection. Crafted meticulously from fibers recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes, Xanita Board is an epitome of eco-conscious engineering. Unveil a range of applications with this lightweight yet robust fiberboard that stands as a testament to Xanita's commitment to environmental responsibility. Our Xanita Board is not your average fiberboard. Its closed-cell structure is engineered to perfection, providing a foundation that can be laminated with various surface finishes including digital print-ready kraft paper liners, or more rigid skins like MDF and birch plywood. Its inherent strength coupled with a high crush strength core makes it a desirable choice for diverse projects. Step into a realm of creativity with a material that is ready to be shaped according to your imagination. Xanita Board is UV inkjet printable, making it a canvas ready for your creative expressions. From simple wall panels to innovative display products, the versatility of Xanita Board is bound to impress. The eco-friendly narrative of Xanita Board doesn’t end at its source materials. It is 100% repulpable and recyclable, a true companion in your journey towards a greener future. Its non-toxic nature with no VOCs makes it a safe choice for various indoor applications. Explore a myriad of decorative and structural applications with Xanita Board. Its suitability for POS displays, shop-fit, and exhibition design makes it a go-to material for designers and architects alike. Dive into our collection and experience the fusion of sustainability, strength, and versatility that Xanita Board brings to the table. Our Xanita Board range is a call to the environmentally conscious creator in you. Embrace a material that not only fulfills your creative desires but also resonates with your eco-friendly ethos. Discover the boundless opportunities that come with choosing Xanita Board, and contribute to a sustainable future with every project you undertake.