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Shop original Zund blades and knives

Zünd offers a broad range of quality blades, specially adapted to your cutting system and suitable for all your needs. This enables you to achieve a consistently high quality standard throughout the entire production process. Zünd blades are developed and manufactured specially by experts to meet market requirement.


Zünd blades are recognisable through the Zünd quality seal with which they are engraved.


Depending on which tool they are used in, a distinction is made between the following blade types:

  • Drag blades: used in non-powered tools such as UCT, KCT, VCT, SCT, C2, insert sleeve 40)
  • Oscillating blades: used in EOT/POT oscillating tools
  • Rotary blade: decagonal (ten-sided) blades for DRT/PRT too


Download the Zünd accessory and consumables catalogue for a full overview. You can shop online with us or call 1300 880 605, if you need any help choosing the right blade for your needs.